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Pure Water Treatment Services Service List

Chemical Supply

Borehole Water Treatment


Chemical Disinfection Systems (Chlorine & Chlorine Dioxide)


Chemical Free Treatment Systems (UV & Copper/Silver Ionisation, Electrochlorination)


Service Contracts Including the Following:


Bulk Chemical Delivery and Storage Systems
Hands-free Pumped Chemical Delivery System – No Drum Disposal Costs
Fast Chemical Delivery Lead Times
PWTAG Compliant Log Books
Legionella, Pseudomonas & Other Pathogen Risk Management
Consultancy Service
Cleaning & Disinfection
Pretreatment Systems
Chemical Dosing & Control Equipment
Microbiological Screening
Legionella Testing
Onsite Sampling & Analysis
Full Laboratory Elemental and Particle Analysis
Filtration Systems & Overhaul
Sand and Media Recharge
Carbon Dioxide Dosing Systems
All Aspects of Equipment Supply, Installation, Overhaul, Commissioning & Service
Chlorine Stabiliser Chemicals
pH and Alkalinity Control Chemicals
Coagulants for Improved Water Clarity