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Pure Water Treatment Services Who Are We?

About Us

Pure Water Treatment Services Ltd. is a regional water treatment company conveniently based in the centre of the UK.


Established in 2008 we have accounts across the across the country.


Our engineers have combined relevant experience of over 77 years.


We have vast experience in the design, supply, installation and servicing of water all aspects of treatment equipment. Such equipment being installed on private borehole water supplies, community water supplies and commercial water supplies the like.


We offer water treatment chemicals, advice and consultancy for industrial cooling and heating systems.


We offer swimming pool and spa treatment programmes tailor made to your specific requirements. Reliable automatic monitoring and dosing systems can reduce your through life costs and improve legislative compliance, water quality and ultimately the bathing experience.

Pure Waters Vans


We offer chlorine and chlorine dioxide disinfection systems for online bacteriological water treatment disinfection..


Our engineers are trained to service and repair water softeners and filters. We have installed many iron and manganese removal filters, nitrate removal filters and demineralisers.


We provide a high quality service meeting all of the legislative standards stipulated by local authorities and the HSC; specifically L8 ACoP, Drinking Water Standards, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Legionella Control Code of Conduct.


We offer site domestic water services including legionella risk assessments, water tank refurbishment and cleaning and sterilisation works as preventative maintenance and in emergency situations.


We provide water treatment services across many market sectors; typically commercial, hospital trusts, private and public schools, industrial manufacturing sites, hotels, leisure, health and fitness facilities and agricultural applications.


We have off-road vehicles allowing us to repair, reline, clean and disinfect remote reservoirs and borehole, well and spring supplies.


We pride ourselves in providing a cost effective value for money service to fulfil your water treatment requirements.